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EarlyBird Hospitality Services

EarlyBird Hospitality

We are not your traditional agency model. The combination of creative and strategic consulting, marketing and public relations, along with a pure hospitality focus, makes us unique in the industry.

We bring insights & original ideas. Our team spends all day, every immersed in cutting edge hospitality and keeping our pulse on local and national trends and never-ending pursuit of setting trends.

We reduce risk. Our vast experience informs our planning, helps our clients avoid potential pitfalls and positions them to reap the rewards of this industry we love so much.

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Concept Development

Brand Strategy

Verbal & Visual Identity

Brand Implementation (guest touch points, music, collateral, uniforms)

Design Management

Ownership Presentations


Launch/Re-launch strategy

Site Surveys

Competitive Set Analyses

Promotions & Partnerships

Websites & Digital Strategy

Email Marketing



Sales & Service Training

Personality & Image Development


Wine Design

Cocktail menu Design

Beverage cost control

Cocktail Recipe Development 


Kitchen Design

Menu Design

Food Cost Control

Recipe Development

Pastry Development

Commercialization of Packaged Goods


Review and restatement of historical financials

Analysis of historical performance

Valuation based on historical performance

Valuation based on projections that we prepare

Written report detailing value

Financial Modeling

Understand if your intended business model 

is sustainable and if it will return investment on schedule

Create 5-year financial model and detailed monthly income statement budgets

Create Internal Rate of Return (IRR) projection based on lease schedule


Understand the fair value of a restaurant for all parties involved

Review Letter of Intent and "redline" for reasonable adjustments

High level financial analysis of the proposed deal

Review lessor responses and submit additional iterations until agreement is reached


Understand if selected location has feasible terms to pursue further consideration

Visit location during operational hours and conduct a walkthrough of unit operations and accounting processes, interview key personnel and gather financial documents and information

Review and evaluate all processes related to generating financial information for periodic reporting: payroll, accounts payable, and general ledger

Develop a report that details findings and makes recommendations based on the visit, evaluation of information provided, and requests from client

In-person meeting to present and discuss results and findings

Provide proprietary templates for daily cash procedures, inventory, manual checks, credit card usage, expense and reimbursement reports if desired